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Tingling & Numbness

Feeling a sensation of numbness and/or tingling is one of the most common reasons for a visit to the neurologist. While these feelings are often temporary and not an indication of a larger health issue, they can be alarming. Visiting a neurologist can help to diagnose the root cause of numbness and/or tingling.

Causes of Numbness

Numbness may be caused by a number of factors, including:
• Certain activities like sitting for a long period of time or having weight on a limb can cause a body part to “fall asleep,” resulting in numbness and tingling. This sensation is directly related to the decreased circulation while you were in that position and is not a cause for alarm. Once you resume normal activity, this feeling will go away.
• Some cases of numbness are caused by nerve issues. For example, if you hit your funny bone, the odd, painful sensation felt is due to hurting the ulnar nerve. The location of your numbness gives your physician a starting point for locating an injured nerve. Therefore, it is important to provide your doctor with detailed information about your symptoms.
• Recurrent or persistent feeling of numbness may be indicative of a major health issue, like a stroke, nerve disorder or demyelination disorder like multiple sclerosis in young patient. If your feeling of numbness began suddenly, is apparently without cause, and is localized to one side of the body, you should seek immediate medical assistance.

Diagnosing Tingling and Numbness Based on your symptoms, your physician will perform a number of tests in order to diagnose the root cause. Diagnostic tests may include:
• CT scan
• EMG – nerve conduction study
• Blood work
• Lumbar puncture
Based on the results of these tests, a treatment plan will be developed to address your specific medical concerns.
To begin the process of diagnosing the root cause of your numbness and/or tingling, schedule an appointment with one of the neurologist at Centennial Specialist Centre today.